Who are we

Who are we

We are registered nursery and primary school serving pupils of all race and religion.We focuses on the 'Montessori' philosophy and provides children with a wide range of experiences. We accepts children regardless of race, creed, or religion. Our center is open all year from 7am - 6pm.
Our goal is to enhance the pupil’s life through a loving, caring and nurturing environment. We respect each child as an individual, providing them with programs geared to meet their emotional, social, and develop-mental needs. Parents are always welcome to visit school, participate or just observe any time. Parent involvement is recognized as an integral part of our program.



Our School transport is of quality , convenient and affordable depending on distance from school. We pick up and return children to and from their homes for a very reasonable charge that can be calculated and included in fee illustrations. We have our own mini-bus and very experienced and fully qualified drivers who are able to carry out many duties which means our students know them and feel secure around them.


Our entire building is under maximum security to ensure safety of the children. We have video monitoring and security cameras, our doors remain locked at all times to ensure the safety of all children and we have comprehensive staff background checks upon hire and annually thereafter. In addition, individual keypad codes to enter the childcare center will be given out to parents upon Registration.


Our school provides breakfast and lunch to all of the students enrolled in our centre. Food will contain all essential nutrients required. When it comes to food and eating healthy Legend pre and primary school provides a variety of healthy meals and snacks. Food will be served to children every morning and in the afternoon and it will contain all essential nutrients required. Please alert us if your child has a known allergy or nutrition need.

Our Curriculum

Our low teacher-pupil ratios enable us to individualize our curriculum to meet a pupil’s special needs, thus promoting a positive self-image. Through a multi-sensory approach the pupil’s environment will offer as much as it can to stimulate the pupil’s senses. Our pro-grams shadow the National Curriculum. All areas of child development are incorporated into age appropriate activities.

Our values based school nurtures curiosity and creativity through an inspiring, broad and engaging, curriculum, where learning is at the heart of all that we do. Our children learn to become resilient and self – assured in an environment where safety is outstanding. Everyone is challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as individuals, preparing them for their role as caring and active citizens in modern Tanzania.

We aim to be an outstanding values based school at the heart of our culturally diverse community, striving for excellence, enabling our pupils achieve their highest potential in all areas of the curriculum.

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